G. A. INDUSTRIES Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of ELECTROMAGNETIC DISC BRAKE: Used in Machine Tools, Hydro Extactors, Coil winding Machines, Wire Drawing Machines, Rubber Mixing Mills, Rolling Mills, Printing Machines and in many other industries such as a Cement, Mining, Sugar, Textile, Material Handling etc..In case of power failure in machines like Hoists, Cranes, Winches, Elevators, etc.. application of brake is must. We offer AC type brakes, called fail safe brake, as in case of power failure, these brakes apply mechanically.
17, Rajdeep Industrial Estate,
Nr. Bibi Talav, Vatva,

Fax: +91-79-25895577

E-mail us: gmac@gaindustries.net
WebSite: www.gaindustries.net
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